IV Asian-European Business Innovation Congress

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From May 25 to 27, 2017, the IV Asian-European Business Innovation Congress will be held in Moscow. The event is held in order to create an interdisciplinary interactive knowledge and contacts database for small and medium-sized businesses, representatives of production, science and government agencies, which will help you navigate the current changes in the world business markets.

The organizers of the congress are the Sino-German Association of Medium-Sized Enterprises “Mittelstand International” and the Center for Strategic Intercultural Communications “StrategicInterCom GmbH”. Information support in Russia and foreign countries is provided by the communication group Gurov and Partners, which also acts as the operator of the congress. The event is supported by the UN and UNESCO.

The main theme of the congress this year is “Asia-Russia-Europe: prospects for business cooperation”. Its program includes the following thematic sessions:
– forecasts of cooperation development (logistics, trade, financing);
– Entrepreneurship and education (applied education for production);
– the legal platform of the initiatives “One belt – one way”, “Eurasian Union”.

On the venues of the event will be experts from the world level, meetings will be held with representatives of the international business elite, science and society. Participants will be able to establish business contacts with potential partners and clients from Asia and Europe, share experiences or attract investments, and promote their products to the Asian and European markets.

It should be noted that holding the congress will contribute to the formation of a business platform in the context of the Asian-European cooperation for the development and strengthening of cooperation between East and West in the field of industrial and innovative growth, public-private partnership, small and medium-sized business and the development of the modern corporate sector. Source: Agency for Innovation and Development of Economic and Social Projects,