According to the World Bank report, in 2015 Mongolia ranks 72nd in the world in terms of attractiveness of doing business, slightly worsening its position compared to a year earlier (70th in 2014).
The development of the country’s economy largely depends on the influx of foreign investment (FDI), which began to decline in 2013 and intensified in 2014 due to a fall in world commodity prices and caused a deterioration in the country’s key macroeconomic indicators. The largest sources of FDI in Mongolia were Canada, whose share in total investment was 61%, and the United Arab Emirates, which accounted for 15%. According to the World Bank, 2 outflows of FDI for the first quarter of 2015 amounted to $ 72 million.

In general, Mongolia has a relatively favorable trade regime. The country has great flexibility in trade policy and low customs duties compared to most other emerging economies of the Central Asian region.

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