The Socialist Republic of Vietnam

In recent decades, Vietnam has been an active center for attracting foreign investment, and investors are actively investing not only in the traditional fuel and raw materials industries, but also in processing, in the latest technological developments. In Asia, only China is ahead of Vietnam in attracting capital allocation. In addition to natural resources and production potential, Vietnam’s considerable wealth is manpower, with the proportion of the population under 35 years old exceeding 50%.

In terms of per capita income, Vietnam ranks 123 among 182 countries, in terms of quality of life, 72 out of 76 countries, and 160 out of 190 countries for medical care.

According to the World Bank rating, Vietnam is ranked 90th in terms of doing business (below the level of ASEAN-6 countries).

The World Economic Forum (WEF) for the period 2015-2016. Ranked 56th among 140 countries in the global competition index (GCI, Russia – 45th place). During 2011-2015 years. The growth of the country’s economy averaged 5.8% of GDP (plan 6.5-7%), the share of capital investments was 31% of GDP (plan 33.5% -35%), labor productivity – 3.9%, average annual Export growth – 18%, economic efficiency of investments (ICOR) – 6,5, consumer price index – 6,7% (plan 5-7%), unemployment rate – 3,4%. The volume of realized foreign direct investment amounted to 58.5 billion US dollars, the ODA has been developed 23 billion USD.

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